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Intelligent didactic tools

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It's a tool for ski schools where the position of the hand can be changed easily, in just a few seconds. Doing that, a child can be lead to the correct skiing stance with minimal effort.

Ultralight ski jumps, waves


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The main advantage of the ski jump is that its edge bends even at low speed and enables the child to gradually adjust to the final jump. At higher speed it works as a regular ski jump suitable also for grown-ups.

Curve lines 'hoops'


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Curve line offers the child a visual line of the turn. The child sees how the turn looks like. With help of colourful poles we can distribute the turn into various phases. The child sees where in the turn he or she is located and can completely focus on making it.

Ski tip handle


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The ski tip handle is a great didactic tool which helps the child with his or her first steps on the skies called the 'wedge'. A tool that is very effective and easy to use.

Uphill diagonal sidestepping learning belt


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The uphill diagonal sidestepping belt is made from light PVC net. Diagonal lines are printed on which enable the child to easily learn how to uphill sidestepp. The lines are marked on the ground and show the child the correct move needed to sidestepp correctly.

The line of new intelligent tools was developed in cooperation with the greatest experts, the children. The existing offer of ski learning tools was planned, designed and developed in the heads of various adult experts, being an adult matter, which was later given to children in order to learn how to ski.

We, at 5five & lines (5lines) were not satisfied with that and decided to turn things upside down.

We did not ask for the opinions of adult experts but we focused on the greatest experts of them all, the children.
With help of their intelligent and emotional thinking and our rich knowledge of this sport we developed exceptional learning tools for ski schools which have elevated the process of learning how to ski on a higher level. 5&lines tools consist of a moving hand tool, ultralight waves, ski jumps and curve lines that can be used in various ways..