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About us

5five & lines (5lines) brand guarantees a new understanding and new ways of learning how to move for children with development and production of modern didactic tools. Namely, movement is certainly the best tool for complete and perfect brain development. 5five & lines (5lines) team is formed by experts of various professions dealing with children's development with a common goal: hear the children what they need.

We produce, innovate and create intelligent tools for ski schools. We have our own ski class as a part of ski school. Together with children, we test various didactic tools, jumps, waves, hoops, ski tip handles, carpets… Through their need we adapt, improve and further develop these tools until they fulfil the function they were created for. The results after using didactic tools 'monster', ski jump, curve lines, hoops of various sizes, waves… are exceptional. Children do not only learn but also grow to love what they do and absorb all the knowledge.

…what is the goal of the 5five & lines (5lines) brand? To entice children in a way that they learn to ENJOY all the stressful situations of the learning process. We are convinced that our didactic tools -waves, jumps… present a great additional value to any ski school.