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Intelligent tool called 'monster' with a moving hand gives the child unlimited possibilities of real adventure, great motivation and creativity and at the same time forces the child into moves that lead towards the correct skiing technique.

The children are in reality often very difficult to prepare for certain moves needed to make a smoother, better and safer turn. But it can be very easily done with a little bit of magic. We have discovered that magic and developed it into a unique product.


What are the 5&lines tools?

The 'monster' tool with the movable hand is a tool where we can easily, in a matter of seconds, change the hand placement from one position to another.

Example 1: The hand in the lowest position unknowingly forces the child to move downwards, press the skis to the ground and execute the ski turn.

Example 2: The hand in the highest position a combination with certain exercises or didactical tools unknowingly forces the child into a position where he or she transfers his or her weight to the outer ski in the turn. The speciality of the hand is that it has a flexible wrist. It alleviates the hit so that the hand does not come off.