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The children enjoy pushing their limits and therefore love ski jumps. The problem is that they never learn how to jump correctly because there are really no possibilities to do that. This results in many accidents with injuries on the jumps along the ski slopes which are not adjusted, not progressing…
We have developed a system of ski jumps that are easy to transport, can be set up fast, have a controlled jumping inclination and most importantly the edge of the jump enables the child to gradually adapt to the final jump even at a low speed.


Jumps and waves

The main advantage is that the edge of the jump bends at a low speed and enables the child to gradually adapt to the final jump. At a higher speed it works as a regular jump that can also be used by adults.

The jumps can be linked together, in a parallel way into a wide jump or in a successive way to gradually prepare the child for the jump.

The waves can be placed individually or they can be connected into a wide wave.


Extremely low weight (easy to transport)
Flexible edge of the jump
Easy and fast to assemble, approximately 2 minutes
The possibility to connect several jumps/waves together
Reflective edge marks the edge of the jumps/waves (poor visibility)