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Curve lines:

100 centimetres long poles are connected into curve lines or hoops of various sizes with the help of a special system. The curve line enables the child to see where and how the turn is made. With the help of various colours of the poles the turn is split into phases. The child sees where in the turn he or she is located and can solely focus on making it.

Small and big hoops

The hoops are randomly placed on the slope and offer the child a completely new spectre. There is no wrong way, whichever way they decide to take is correct.
They can see the curve line at all times. 1000 ways to take, always a different way.

The lines do not distract the child in any way and present no danger even if he or she rides over them..


Curve lines 'hoops'

Special line poles are connected into line curves, hoops ...

Curve lines 'hoops' 5&lines

Due to the visual line the children's brain very easily calculates the way on the circular line. Because they no longer make a turn at a certain point they have more time for correct movement, putting pressure on the skies, balancing their position …

This could not be achieved when children were skiing independently before!


Extremely simple system for connecting the poles.
Handy for transportation and storage.
They do not present an obstacle for the learner. 
Of high quality and resistant to winter conditions.
Can be used in winter and summer.
Very light.